The life of a student is a total misery these days and it goes without saying. You don’t have to be a student to feel the pain that could be causing all sorts of problems to the wretched souls, but by just seeing the way things are carried out at schools these days, one can estimate that how hard it would be for a student these days to complete all the work on time and still manage to make hay while the sun shines. It’s either getting the highest GPA in the class or partying over the weekend and you have got to have your priorities straight and your minds made with your attitudes set on the goals that you intend to achieve. So many assignments, mostly literary in nature, make the  lives of students even more filled with tensions of all the pending work that it appears that there’s no way out. Writing the tedious assignments is a piece of cake for the students who love to write and there are a few of them out there in the country to be fair. If we could launch a cause and somehow vote against the usage of literary assignments in schools and colleges then we would most probably have done that already. The thing, though, remains as is and it’s a problem that we have to face because we can’t eliminate it no matter how hard we try. Bottom line: You have to write and if you don’t know how to, then you need to learn how to. This article focuses on listing down a few strategies that can make your college paper stand out from the lot. Now normally writing can be perfected by continuous practice, but these small tricks can help you a lot too.

Quote famous authors:Quoting famous authors and adding certain references to your work makes the reader think that you know your legends of literature and they start treating you seriously. You are a possessor of quality knowledge related to literature if you know these quotes.

Start with impact:The beginning of the essay is what matters the most. Now you may have searched for college application essay examples online, but you would not be able to get a good starting line if you don’t know where to look. Research about your topic and find an excellent starting paragraph that would entice the readers to keep on reading.

Be original:the biggest problem with kids these days is that they try to copy all sorts of stuff from the internet and it has harsh effects on their essays when they are checked by professionals.

Conclude properly:A perfect conclusion is very necessary to conclude a perfect essay.

Don’t change the theme:Your essay needs to be focused on one theme throughout. This is a big bummer if you start appreciating a topic in one paragraph of your essay and completely shift the paradigms in the next. You need to be well aware of what you are going to write and what you have in mind to write a good piece.