Almost all students, from all around the globe, would agree that writing is hard enough as is without having to care about a specific style. But the sad truth is that there is no running away from any of these styles. The reason for that is that certain educational institutes of the world only consider a paper valid if it has been formatted according to a specific system. APA style is one such system.

APA Style Research Paper


APA stands for American Psychological Association and the APA style is the set of rules and guidelines which have to be followed so that the document written in such a style can be easily understood. This may seem strange to you, but trust us that some of the best minds of the world have worked together to make this system.

Now that you know what APA style is, you now need to know some of the most important guidelines which need to be followed. If you are interested in finding out, then just keep on reading.


Perhaps this is the most important aspect of this style that needs to be followed. The font that is acceptable is Times New Roman and the font size that should be used is 12. If you don’t see that how this can benefit your paper, then just open a word document on your computer and observe the changes by applying different fonts and sizes. You will notice that this font and font size works the best.


While writing an APA style research paper, the numbering is considered very important. Every page needs to be a number starting from the title page. The number is put in the top right corner of the page so that it can be located easily.


The margins on a page not only make the material on that page more centered, but also add a touch of neatness to the whole document. The margins in APA style need to be 1 inch in size on all sides. It goes without saying that nothing should be written outside these margins. Even the page number is within the margins.

The Title

The title of the research paper is written on every page in the top left corner starting from the title page. If the topic is large, then it can be shortened so that it fits in the allocated space without looking bad.