The most important thing is making up your mind that you really want to study. Yes!Success in life depends largely on what goals we prioritize. If you are interested morein Internet surfing, cricket, music, etc. than studies and think that you can study in spare time, you are in real trouble!  Reading must be done as a favorite pastime. You must, first of all, convince yourself that you somehow have to fulfill the responsibility satisfactorily. We do what we think is worth doing. Therefore, it is imperative for students and general readers to find reading valuable before indulging in it.

Doing purpose-based reading is another means of studying effectively. Generally, we intend to study but are troubled by one question: What to study? Think seriously about what interests you the most or what is it that you must read. Those reading for pleasure may read anything, but college and university students and the ones preparing for competitive exams need to clear their minds about what to study. If you are confused about this, you will permanently be at a loss. In a word, targeted study is mandatory.

Creating a reading-friendly atmosphere is another key factor in terms of enhancingstrong reading skills. Some people enjoy reading at home, some at a library and others in a group of friends. If you do not feel comfortable while studying at a particular place, change it and then feel the difference. Reading in a noisy and dimly lit atmosphereor simultaneously using a cell phone and surfing on the Internet are serious distractions.Doing reading in such unsuitable environments gravely discourages readers from busyingthemselves in a serious study. So, every care should be taken to ensure that the reading atmosphere is fully supportive.

Getting rid of all the problems that hinder studies is another essential of giving our reading activity smooth sailing. Why we do not enjoy studying is sometimes because of our inability to understand a text properly. Common problems in this regard include poorEnglish, lack of reading habit and of time management. To overcome certain barriers, the responsibility lies on the readers, who must figure out what factors affect their capacity for studying fast and meaningfully.

Making reading a habit is indispensable for becoming an effective reader. Indeed, attainment of excellence in any endeavor depends chiefly on a constant practice. Aristotlesays, ‘’We are what we repeatedly do.’’ In terms of such thought-provoking dictum, if youinclude reading in your daily to-do- list, you are bound to master the art of studying fruitfully.