Students are not usually overly fond of their schools or colleges. The reason for that is that they get a lot of homework and assignments which cut into their social life or the time they spend enjoying themselves.

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that students consider writing essays and papers the most boring work that their teachers can assign. Students usually struggle with such assignments because they don’t know the right way to handle an essay or a paper. Even if they can write excellently, using a wrong format can have a negative effect on their assignments.

That is why students should always follow MLA format to write a college paper. An MLA style heading and the rest of the MLA format can add an intellectual look to the entire paper.


There are some important formatting that needs to be done if you want your paper to be in MLA style. This includes the margins, the font, the font size, spacing, etc. So let’s take a look at these things:


One inch margins are used in MLA formatting. These margins are the margins on top and bottom; you don’t have to mess around with the left- and right-hand side margins.

Depending on the software that you are using for typing your paper, the settings for these margins will be present in different places. They should be easy to find; however, if you can’t find them, then you should just search on the internet and you will be easily able to find what you are looking for.


A font that is legible and clear should be used in any written document. That is why Times New Roman is the format that is used in MLA formatting. The font size is set at 12, which is big enough to be easily readable.


The spacing used for MLA formatting is “double.” That means that there is twice the normal space between lines. Students love this because it can make even a short piece of writing appear longer and teachers like it because it gives them enough space for annotations.


A header is also added to the top of the page. It usually contains your last name and the page number. Your teacher may specify something else than these two things which you should also add.

These are the basics of the format of the page or pages that you should follow when following the MLA formatting. The next thing you need to know is

How to do a proper heading.

For a heading, you need just four things – your name, the name of the teacher to whom you are going to submit the paper, the name of the subject along with the class and the date. This information should be given on the right hand side of the paper.

The title of the paper comes after the heading. It is written in the center of the page and has the same font and size as the rest of the paper. In addition to this you shouldn’t apply any effects like bold or italics to the title.

So, this is how you can easily write a heading to a college assignment, the title and the entire college assignment itself in MLA format without much trouble.