Some negative aspects of technology usage in classroom

Teachers have been making use of technological devices in their classrooms like never before. Although it has become an essential part of a classroom, yet if not used properly, technology can be a disservice to students. Some of the negative aspects of overusing technology or using it in an inappropriate manner are that it takes away the learning time from students. Moreover, it is overused as one does not have a sense of time while being captivated by the device and its numerous functions. Also, learning is replaced with the mentality of game playing when students do not take their work seriously and thus it affects their overall performance.


Cutting off learning time

Now time is extremely important for teachers and students alike. Every single minute of the learning time should be spent with care and this can be wasted if the teacher or student is not completely aware of their devices. There may be times when there arise some technical issues; internet connectivity, or not understanding the functions of the device. This cuts off the learning time and therefore is not good for the class. While some may be experts, others would lag behind in using their devices in the most effective manner. So teachers might have difficulty in teaching the students with different skill levels in class. Similarly, if a teacher is not comfortable using technology in class, then the student will eventually not learn anything. The teacher will be lost in his own problems which would make a student’s learning suffer.

Overuse of technology during class

Let’s admit it, we all love playing with our devices. Once we turn on the tablet or smartphone, we indulge in its applications and hours are spent like minutes. These devices have the ability to capture our minds and make us busy with it without caring for our surroundings. The same happens with the students. It serves as a major distraction and the teacher might not know if the student is actually working on the computer or just playing around, lost in his own world.

Moreover, it should be noted that teachers should be the main source of learning in the classroom. Other things, such as a projector, tablets, etc., are just aids to learning and cannot replace the teacher. Effort should be made to keep students attentive in the class through an interactive learning rather than allowing them to indulge in their computers throughout the session.

Not taking the class lessons seriously

When you’re young, you don’t think of these devices as informative tools through which you can learn and gain knowledge. Instead, you think of them as game devices where you can find and play all sorts of games. Many teachers do it in the classroom as well. They make the students play some educational games because of which students develop this idea that these high-tech devices are used for game playing only. Thus, they don’t take their lessons seriously. This thinking should be changed immediately.